RegistryUI Documentation


Google As Login Provider

RegistryUI can use a Google Login Provider so users can log into RegistryUI using their Google account. Before users can log in, the site administrator must add the user using Registry > Users & Groups and send an invitation email to the user with an invitation code. This invitation code is required when logging in using a Google account the very first time.

In order to enable the Google Login Provider at Admin > Login Providers, External Login tab, a Google Client ID and Google Client Secret must be obtained. This can be done on Google's site at https://console.developers.google.com/apis/credentials.

Google Credentials

Authorize the domain of your registry (URIs) and enter the following as Authorized redirect URIs:

https://yourregistry.yourcompany.com/signin-google           or
http://yourregistry.yourcompany.com/signin-google            (not recommended)

After creating the credentials, copy the Client ID and Client Secret from Google's page to the "Google Client ID" and "Google Client Secret" fields of the Admin > Login Providers, External Login tab. Make sure to select the "Use Google" check box to enable login using Google accounts.