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Email Authentication Settings

Email Authentication Settings can only be managed by an administrator.

The Admin > Email Authentication Settings page is used to enable two step authentication (2FA) using email. When a user sets up Two-Step Authentication using User > Two-Step Authentication, Email Authentication is presented as an option if it is enabled.

Email Authentication is only available for Built-In Login. For external login providers, two step authentication using their services must be used instead (if available).

Email Authentication Settings

Hover over a field caption to see detailed information for the field. On mobile devices click on the field caption instead.

Select the "Enabled" check box to enable Email Authentication.

Enter an email subject ("Email Subject" field). Typically the URL or domain name of the RegistryUI site would be used so users can easily identify where the PIN Code can be used.

Enter how long the PIN Code sent in an email is valid ("Valid (Minutes)" field).

The "Login URL" should not be modified except under direction from RegistryUI Product Support. The default is "/YetaWF_Identity/LoginTwoStep/Login".