RegistryUI Documentation


Activity Log

RegistryUI displays historical information for repositories, folders and tags, such as when tags are pushed, projects are updated, etc.

Activity Log

Administrators can review a comprehensive log covering all repositories using Admin > Activity Log. Users can review repository logs from the Repositories, Projects and Tags Explorer.

The following actions are logged with date/time, user, repository and tag information. Pull actions are not logged.

Set OfflineThe registry was set offline.
Set OnlineThe registry was set online.
Project CreatedA project was created.
Project UpdatedA project was updated.
Removing RepositoryA repository was marked for removal.
Repository RemovedA repository/folder branch was removed.
PushAn image was pushed to the repository.
Removing TagA tag was marked for removal.
Tag RemovedA tag was removed.
Garbage CollectionGarbage collection was performed.
Synchronize RepositoriesThe RegistryUI cached data was synchronized with the Docker Registry.