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Users & Groups

Users and groups can only be managed by an administrator.

In order to access repositories, each repository must define authorized users. To simplify defining authorized users in each repository, RegistryUI uses "groups". You can combine multiple users into one group. For example, you could define one group named "Developers", another group named "QA". By adding all developers to the Developers group, you can then simply add the group Developers as authorized group in each repository. If additional users are added to the Developers group (or some are removed), all repositories that authorize group "Developers" are then automatically updated.

It is best to first add all expected users to RegistryUI. Then once all users are defined, you can create suitable groups. These groups can then be used when creating projects or when editing projects to assign authorized groups.

When using the Registry > Users & Groups menu entry, all currently defined users and groups are shown.

Users & Groups


Administrator Commands

Add UserAdd New UserUsed to add a new user.
Display UserDisplay UserUsed to display information for the selected user.
Edit UserEdit UserUsed to edit information for the selected user.
Send Invitation EmailSend Invitation EmailUsed to send an email to the selected user with login information. This is typically used after a new user account has been added or to resend the information.
Remove UserRemove UserUsed to remove a user. When the user is removed, the user is automatically removed from all groups and can no longer log into the website or access the Docker Registry.


Administrator Commands

Add GroupAdd New GroupUsed to add a new group.
Display GroupDisplay GroupUsed to display information for the selected group.
Edit GroupEdit GroupUsed to edit information for the selected group.
Remove GroupRemove GroupUsed to remove a group.