Docker Registry

RegistryUI is a complete solution to self-host your own Docker Registry, for private/public repositories with a complete web-based user interface, full authentication, logging and extended API, building on the official Docker Registry.


Complete Docker Registry
Private/Public Repositories

RegistryUI offers super-simple installation. You'll be up and running in just a few minutes with a self-hosted Docker Registry - In Docker of course, with a full web-based user interface to manage all repositories.

Full User Authentication

First-class user authentication for Docker users (with tokens instead of passwords) and built-in Two Factor Authentication for the web-based user interface.

Extended API

Provides an API superset of the standard Docker Registry, including setting the registry offline, removing image tags by tag name and more.

Complete Audit Trail

User activity to all repositories and online activity is logged offering a complete audit trail of all user actions in the Activity Log.


Product Features

RegistryUI is a low maintenance, easy to install solution that offers a complete, self-hosted Docker Registry in record time, with all the features necessary for smooth day-to-day operation.


RegistryUI Plans

We have a plan for everyone, starting with the FREE plan for one user, up to a plan for unlimited users. All plans include one RegistryUI account for a single installation.

All available plans include ALL features.

Single User

Perfect to just try out RegistryUI, or for the single operator who needs a self-hosted Docker Registry.

Includes all product features, allowing 1 user with unlimited repositories.

Up To 10 Users

For the small startup or established company with just a few users who need a self-hosted Docker Registry.

Includes all product features, allowing 10 users with unlimited repositories.

Unlimited Users

Includes all product features, allowing unlimited users with unlimited repositories.