RegistryUI Documentation


Settings, Maintenance Tab

RegistryUI settings can only be managed by an administrator.

The Registry > Settings page is used to configure RegistryUI.

The Maintenance tab is used to take the Docker Registry offline (for maintenance purposes) and to re-scan the site and the Docker Registry for search keywords.

Maintenance Tab

Offline/Online Registry

The Docker Registry can be taken offline for maintenance purposes. For example while performing a backup of the registry or for other system related tasks. While the registry is offline, users cannot push/pull images or log into the Docker Registry. The RegistryUI website is still available, but certain functionality is limited while the registry is offline. The RegistryUI Extended API and the Docker Registry API are both unavailable while the registry is offline. Users accessing the registry in any way are notified that the registry is offline.

When garbage collection is performed (see Garbage Collection Tab), the registry is automatically taken offline and brought back online after garbage collection completes.

Search Keywords

The Search feature of RegistryUI uses cached search keywords that are automatically extracted from the website and the Docker Registry every 4 hours. After updating the Docker Registry (e.g., pushing images) the search keywords can be updated by clicking the "Update Search Keywords" button, outside of the 4 hour schedule.

Extracting search keywords is performed in the background and may take several minutes or even longer, depending on the registry size (number of projects and tags).