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Add New Group

Users and groups can only be managed by an administrator.

In order to access repositories, each repository must define authorized users. To simplify defining authorized users in each repository, RegistryUI uses "groups". You can combine multiple users into one group. For example, you could define one group named "Developers", another group named "QA". By adding all developers to the Developers group, you can then simply add the group Developers as authorized users in each repository. If additional users are added to the Developers group (or some are removed), all repositories that authorize group "Developers" are then automatically updated.

An administrator can add new group using the Registry > Users & Groups page.

Add Group

Hover over a field caption to see detailed information for the field. On mobile devices click on the field caption instead.

The "Name" field defines the name of the group.

All available users are shown and can be individually added to or removed from the group. Use the "Select All" or "Deselect All" link to select all users or deselect all users.

The "Comments" field can be used to save information about the group. This information is only visible to site administrators.