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Edit User

Users and groups can only be managed by an administrator.

An administrator can edit existing user information using the Registry > Users & Groups page.

Edit User

Hover over a field caption to see detailed information for the field. On mobile devices click on the field caption instead.

A user can be defined as an administrator using the "Administrator" field. This gives the user full administrator privileges.

"Login To Website" should be selected to allow the user to log into the website. Some users may only need to be able to push/pull images using the docker command and do not need access to the site, e.g., a user used only by a build system to push the image to the registry. For such a user, "Login To Website" should be deselected. If a user is defined that cannot log into the website, the user's Docker Token is displayed (used with the docker login command).

The "Comments" field can be used to save information about the user. This information is only visible to site administrators.