RegistryUI Documentation


Settings, Diagnostics Tab

RegistryUI settings can only be managed by an administrator.

The Registry > Settings page is used to configure RegistryUI.

The Diagnostics Tab is used to perform rarely used diagnostic steps.

Diagnostics Tab

The "Re-Sync Repositories" button is used to update the cached information in the database to match the Docker Repository. This is not typically used, unless the Docker Registry was updated outside control of RegistryUI. For example, if the Docker Registry was restored from a backup, the Resync button can be used to update all cached information.

"Trace Log (Website)" and "Download Log (Website)" are used to create a detailed log of the website activity, normally only used when requested by RegistryUI Product Support.

The "Scheduler Log" contains log information for background tasks that were executed. This includes garbage collection, search term extraction and tag/repository deletion and can be used for troubleshooting purposes.