RegistryUI Documentation


Using Your Own SQL Server

RegistryUI includes a prebuilt SQL Server image based on SQL Server Express, running as the registryuisql container (default name).

It is possible to use your own SQL Server if your requirements exceed the features offered by SQL Server Express or if you wish to integrate the database used by RegistryUI with your own servers.

Replacing RegistryUI's SQL Server is a simple process.

Changing SQL Connection String

The registryuiweb container (default name) has two environment variables which can be replaced with your own connection string information.

    - SQLCONNECT=Data Source=registryuisql,1433;Initial Catalog=registryuidata;User ID=sa;Password=Myfavoritepassword123
    - SQLDBO=dbo

The database (registryuidata in the above connection string) must be manually created, but is automatically initialized when RegistryUI starts up.

Remove registryuisql Container

With your own SQL Server, the registryuisql container (default name) is no longer required and can be removed entirely.

The depends_on directive in the registryuiweb container definition can then also be removed:

    - registryuisql