RegistryUI Documentation


Display Repository

RegistryUI displays repository information such as the project's title, a brief description, information on how to push a new image, some statistical information, along with a list of all available tags.

A repository can be displayed using the Display Repository icon in the Repositories, Projects and Tags Explorer, or directly using the same URL that is used in a docker pull command. For example, the repository alpine uses the following docker pull command:

docker pull yourregistry.yourcompany.com/alpine:latest

The repository can be displayed using this URL (without tag):

https://yourregistry.yourcompany.com/alpine    or

Display Repository

Tags can be ordered using the Sort By dropdown.

For each tag shown, the following commands are available:


Display Tag InformationDisplay Tag DetailsUsed to display detailed tag information.
View LogActivity LogUsed to display the selected tag's history. Displays past actions that were performed, such as image push, etc. Not available to anonymous users.
Copy To ClipboardCopy To ClipboardCopies the docker command shown to the clipboard.

Administrator Commands

The following commands are available only to administrators:

Edit Title/DescriptionEdit Title/DescriptionUsed to edit the project's title and description.
Remove TagRemove TagUsed to remove the tag.